He Said, She Said!

KCL Informatics has paired up with a team from Oxford University to develop an entirely new way of mapping how conversations in formal settings and on social media unfold over time. Visualising complex timelines, this new technology promises to break through the accountability gridlock that many social media platforms face.

PhD student's Judo championship story

PhD student Munkhtulga Battogtokh reflects on his experience of juggling his PhD and the British National Championship in Judo, alongside a global pandemic

PhD students present at ACM Women in Computing in Europe

Last September, Women PhD students from the Department of Informatics' research groups were invited to attend the 8th ACM Celebration of Women in Computing in Europe. Cristina, Mackenzie and Tanja represented their research groups of Algorithms and Data Analysis, Distributed AI, and Reasoning and Planning at the conference.


Computational modelling of the COVID-19 pandemic has been playing a significant role in the UK's effort to combat COVID-19. Across the country, there are about 100 research teams working on different models, and several dozens have provided simulation, estimation, and prediction to inform the governmental decisions in the four home nations.

Narrating Complexity

This project will develop a set of interactive, visual analytics approaches to better understand these complicated and extensive timelines, drawing on the example of social media and the more formal discussions of a legislative setting (for example, the European Union Withdrawal Acts (Brexit legislation)).

From role-play to situated feedback

The aims of the fellowship are to examine how emerging technologies can fundamentally re-envision the conceptual models and mechanisms-of-delivery for existing prevention interventions in the context of child mental health.