Assuring Future Quantum Systems

The field of quantum computing has seen expansive growth recently, drawing the eyes of many researchers and computing enthusiasts into the novel capabilities of this budding technology. As interest grows, we are bound to discover an increasing number of complex quantum programs, which will require rigorous testing.

Bringing Together Research and Practice

Software engineers are in high demand. With numbers of new jobs exploding, there is a real risk of an impossibly complex patchwork of different and competing engineering approaches. Dr Steffen Zschaler and his team have built a new community network that helps academics and practitioners to get together, share best practices and ground their coding methodologies on sound, model-based approaches.


Meeting the programming scale up challenge with BlueJ. Good programming skills are essential for a data-driven future but learning to code can be tough. A team at KCL Informatics has developed a learning platform against robust educational research so that programming is engaging and fun to learn – and it’s proving a big success.

King's expertise in causal reasoning furthering research in Trusted Autonomous Systems

Researchers in King’s Software Systems Group and Trusted Autonomous Systems hub are furthering contribution towards the UKRI Trustworthy Autonomous Systems hub by honing a focus on causal reasoning.