Cybersecurity Group

Cyber Security has become a central issue in our society. Interaction between people’s personal devices and the rest of the connected world is nearly continuous and with technology’s exponential growth its scope will only evolve. The Cybersecurity (CYS) group focuses on the design, modelling, analysis, verification and testing of networks and systems. Our work aims to enable systems to be resilient to malicious compromise and to tackle privacy problems that are important to industry, society and everyone living in a technologically dependent world. Our members are addressing theoretical and applied problems across AI and machine learning for cybersecurity and privacy, formal and automated approaches for verification and testing to ethics, privacy, trust, and transparency for security and safety.

CYS is part of the cross-departmental KCL Cybersecurity Centre (an EPSRC-NCSC Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research) and also collaborates with government and law-enforcement agencies.