Overview of UKRI Trustworthy Autonomous Systems TAS Hub

The TAS programme is a major £33M UKRI/SPF investment (Community-led, result of the EPSRC Big Ideas Challenge) that consists of the hub (£11.7M, £4M is to be dedicated to pump-priming projects) will coordinate seven research nodes (£3M each)


PLEAD brings together an interdisciplinary team of technologists, legal experts, commercial companies and public organisations to investigate how provenance can help explain the logic that underlies automated decision-making to the benefit of data subjects as well as help data controllers to demonstrate compliance with the law. Explanations that are provenance-driven and legally-grounded will allow data subjects to place their trust in automated decisions and will allow data controllers to ensure compliance with legal requirements placed on their organisations.


SAIS (Secure AI assistantS) is a cross-disciplinary collaboration between the Departments of Informatics, Digital Humanities and The Policy Institute at King's College London, and the Department of Computing at Imperial College London, working with non-academic partners: Microsoft, Humley, Hospify, Mycroft, policy and regulation experts, and the general public, including non-technical users.

Cracking the black box

How KCL researchers build a provenance-based system to make AI explainable

King's Global Envoy elected to international body

Professor Luca Viganò, Global Envoy for King’s College London and Vice Dean (Enterprise & Engagement) of the Faculty of Natural, Mathematical & Engineering Sciences, has been elected to the Steering Committee of the UNICA Network (the Network of Universities from the Capitals of Europe,

Recognition for King's Cyber Security

King’s MSc programme in Cyber Security has been recognised by the [Government National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC)](