From sock puppets to immersive and virtual technologies to reshape the media value chain: MediaFutures welcomes the new project teams

Startups and artists have been selected to join the MediaFutures support programme, and to start working on tackling online misinformation with innovative uses of data

MediaFutures - the European data innovation hub bringing together startups, SMEs and artists to solve challenges in the media industry - has announced 24 new creative projects that join the Accelerator (startups & SMEs)/ Residency (artists) programme. The winners will receive a grant up to €40,000 for artists and up to €80,000 for startups, alongside expert consultancy and support to reshape the media value chain. Professor Elena Simperl is the scientific and technical lead of MediaFutures, providing the technical direction of the project, ensuring that the support provided to experiments and creative projects remains people-centric and advances the field of data science and AI for the common good.

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In June 2022, MediaFutures launched the third and final Open Call focusing on ONLINE MISINFORMATION AND DISINFORMATION, looking for projects that actively engage citizens through co-design, user testing, or other participatory processes that give citizens a stake in the project’s development. Anyone with an innovative idea could apply to join one of the three tracks:

  1. ‘Artists for Media’, an artist residency
  2. ‘Startups for Citizens’, a startup accelerator
  3. ‘Startup meets Artist’, an unique programme that supports artists and startups to work together on one project.

The Open Call closed on the 30rd of August with 99 eligible applications from 32 countries around the World!

All applications have been evaluated by a jury panel composed of MediaFutures organisations and external experts, and 24 projects have been selected:

  • 5 projects from the Artists for Media track join the Artist residency programme in the BUILD phase
  • 19 projects from the Startup meets Artist & Startup for Citizens track participate in the START phase of the MediaFutures support programme

Download the Infographic to get more information on the 3rd Open Call results: CLICK HERE