Meeting the programming scale up challenge with BlueJ. Good programming skills are essential for a data-driven future but learning to code can be tough. A team at KCL Informatics has developed a learning platform against robust educational research so that programming is engaging and fun to learn – and it’s proving a big success.

A Data Driven Approach to Valuing Startups 

The start-up economy has grown exponentially since the start of the millennium supported by unprecedented levels of investment (think flagship funds like the SoftBank Vision Fund) and trends like the private IPO (companies staying private for longer). Private market failures and soaring valuations (e.g. Theranos, Juicero, WeWork) have put the spotlight on a previously smaller part of the financial markets. Private companies now impact everyone making it crucial to focus on multiple methods of valuation.

HCC PhD Student Presents at Longevity Week

Svitlana Surodina, a PhD student at Human Centered Computing Group, has presented at the annual Longevity Week one-day event organised by Ageing Research at King's (ARK). The conference focused on the importance of consumer data and crucial data-related challenges and opportunities within the industry, with specific consideration of the empowerment of individuals to actively participate in data-driven preventive health ecosystems.