social media

Making Machines Better Learners

Helen Yannakoudakis from KCL Informatics is working on the next generation of machine learning models for natural language processing that can learn more effectively and with less training data. Along the way, she is also making existing approaches better from detecting hateful memes to supporting health diagnostics, the impact of her work is considerable.

He Said, She Said!

KCL Informatics has paired up with a team from Oxford University to develop an entirely new way of mapping how conversations in formal settings and on social media unfold over time. Visualising complex timelines, this new technology promises to break through the accountability gridlock that many social media platforms face.

Narrating Complexity

This project will develop a set of interactive, visual analytics approaches to better understand these complicated and extensive timelines, drawing on the example of social media and the more formal discussions of a legislative setting (for example, the European Union Withdrawal Acts (Brexit legislation)).